Army ROTC Buckeye Update:

I thought it was an April’s fool’s day joke when they were calling for snow yesterday, but I guess it wasn’t. The Buckeye Battalion woke up to a couple inches of snow on Campus today. Just in time for our spring Field Training Exercise.

State of the Corps of Cadets: We have 170 Cadets in the Battalion.  27 will graduate and commission in a little over a month.

Annual Award Ceremony: This year we recognized more 42 Cadets with awards at the annual awards ceremony. 13 of those awards were scholarships. Thinks to the generosity of the OSU Army ROTC Alumni Society, we awarded over $27,000 in scholarships to deserving Cadets.


Commissioning Ceremony: The Commissioning Ceremony is scheduled for Saturday May 5th at 3:00 PM at Hitchcock Hall. General (R) Carter Ham will be our guest speaker.  We will commission 27 new lieutenants on the 5th and would love to see all of the Buckeye Battalion Alumni, friends, and family members there to help us celebrate their accomplishment. .


Hall of Fame Dinner: The OSU Army ROTC Alumni Society held their annual Hall of Fame dinner. The society gathered to honor three new inductees, LTC (R) Stull, LTC (R) Taylor, and Mr. Van Linge. The ceremony recognized their achievements and gave the Cadets and opportunity to formally thank the Alumni Society for their support throughout the year.


Senior Breakfast: The Ohio State University Army ROTC Alumni Society recognized the graduating seniors at the annual Senior Breakfast at the Blackwell. The Society presented bars, rank insignias, and coins to the soon-to-be Lieutenants.


CASH/A Battalion Run: The Cadets Against Sexual Harassment and Assault organized and executed a sexual assault awareness battalion run for the entire battalion. We conducted a battalion run to key locations throughout campus that offer support for sexual assault victims.  The 4.5 mile run took the Cadets to the campus police station, emergency room, and the Younken Counseling and Consultation center.  At each location, a CASH/A member gave a short brief about the services provided at the location.


German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge: 9 Cadets braved the elements at Indiana University to complete for the GAFPB. The snow, wind, and rain made for challenging conditions, but all 9 cadets came home with a badge. Only one received gold, but they all earned the coveted badge.


Norwegian Foot March: 10 Cadets traveled to Purdue University to compete in the 18.1 mile Norwegian Foot March.  The event was nearly canceled because of bad weather, but the event went on despite snow and freezing condition.  The team braved the weather and all 10 completed the 18 miles.


Notre Dame ROTC Basketball Tournament: The Buckeye Battalion sent 4 teams to the Notre Dame ROTC Basketball Tournament. This year, 40 men’s teams and 20 women’s teams completed in the annual tournament. The Buckeye Battalion’s top men’s team advanced to the Elite 8 and the women’s team made it to the Final Four.


Significant Events (Last Month)


  • 2-4 March                           Notre Dame ROTC Basketball Tournament
  • 8 March                               Tri Service Olympics
  • 8-11 March                         Pershing Rifles National Competition
  • 12-16 March                      Spring Break
  • 22 March                             Spring Awards Ceremony
  • 22 March                             OSU Army ROTC Hall of Fame Dinner
  • 23 March                             Senior Breakfast
  • 23-24 March                      German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge Competition
  • 24 March                             Norwegian Foot March Competition


Significant Events (Next Months)


  • 6-9 April                               Spring FTX (Camp Ravenna)
  • 12 April                                 Tri-Service Pass and Review
  • 16 April                                 2nd Annual ROTC Boot Camp Bowl at the Shoe
  • 24-27 April                          Finals Week
  • 5 May                                    Commissioning Ceremony (GEN (R) Carter Ham)
  • 6 May                                   Commencement


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