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This will be the last update for the school year.  We are all headed to Ft Knox for the summer. It has been an outstanding school year and I look forward to next year!


State of the Corps of Cadets. We have 152 enrolled cadets. We’ve contracted 110 of those cadets and will commission 27 cadets this spring for a total of 36 this year. 


Spring Commissioning.  The Ohio State University will commission 27 new second lieutenants this spring. The ceremony will be at 0800 on Sunday the 10th of May at the Fawcett Center. OSU Army ROTC Alumni, MG Jefforey Smith will be the guest speaker.  We have over 270 family, friends, and guests who have RSVPd for the event. If you are able to make it to the commissioning, please feel free to come by and wish the newest Army ROTC Buckeye ALUMNI, the best of luck.


Leadership Development Exercise (LDX).  We conducted our annual training exercise at Camp Ravenna, Ohio from the 16th to the 19th of April. The Leadership Development Exercise (Formally FTX) was a huge success.  Over 90 contracted cadets participated in the event.  The MSIV leadership planned and executed the training and I was very impressed. The plan they put together rivaled some of the best FTX’s I’ve participated in with line units at the battalion level. Day one was a company mission where the commander had to split his unit into two and conduct two simultaneous operations in separate MOUT villages. Day two was virtual training. All cadets had the opportunity to train on call for fire, EST, Virtual Convoy Operations Trainer, and participate in IED Static displays. Day three consisted of platoon STX lanes. Each platoon conducted 3 lanes; KLE, attack, and IED/stability OPS lane.  On day three, cadets covered over 8 miles during their foot patrols. On day four, the Cadets’ teamwork was put to the test as the completed the Field Leaders Reaction Course.  It was a great training event and I especially want to thank our Battalion S3, Cadet Elizabeth Shreck (Active Duty Ordnance) and AS3, Cadet Olivia Wood (Active Duty Nurse) for all their hard work.

1 Day for the KIA:  Cadet Evan Beachler once again, led a group of Army Ohio State ROTC Cadets in the 1 Day for the K.I.A. run. This event is the primary fundraiser for the Living Legacy Scholarship.  The 1 Day for the K.I.A. 24 Hour Endurance Run. Held in April of each year, it is a traditional 24 Hour Endurance Run in that runners have exactly one day to cover as many miles / laps as they can around a short course. Our .875 USATF certified loop meanders around the picturesque Oval – the large green space at the center of campus. As a tribute to the 908 OSU alumni and others who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we outline our course with nearly 1,000 lanterns, each with the name of a fallen service member. Runners have exactly one day to cover as many miles as they can. They are allowed to sleep, eat, leave and come back, and even flat out stop running whenever they want to – whatever they want to get the furthest mileage possible.

Stomp out Sexual Assault Night 5K. The Buckeye Cadets Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (CASH/A) held the first annual Stomp Out Sexual Assault 5K Night Run.  The cadet led CASH/A organization planned and executed the race with less  than 30 days to organize it. The run was held at Fred Beekman Park and raised awareness of Sexual Harassment and Assault and also raised money to support prevention and response programs. Cadet Kevin Livingston (Junior) and Cadet Erica Coffee (Freshman) were overall responsible for the run and it was highly successful.


Pass In Review.  We conducted the annual Tri-Service Pass In Review on Thursday the 23rd of April at the Oval. The Assistant Adjutant General for the Ohio National Guard, MG John Harris was the guest speaker.  Once again, I was very impressed with the Cadets and Midshipmen. The ceremony was flawless and all the participants looked great.


Army 10 Miler Tryouts.  We’ve announced the Army 10 Miler Team for October.  We will be traveling to Washington DC on Saturday the 10th of October and participate in the annual 10 mile race on the 11th. The Cadets will stay an extra day in DC to see the sights and hopefully meet with any Army ROTC Alumni in the DC area.  I know it is still a long ways away, but if you are interested in meeting with us that weekend let me know. We are fielding two competitive teams this year.  All contracted Cadets were required to participate in the 6 mile try outs at the Oval last week. The teams are as follows.


BUCKEYE BATTALION SCARLET: Cadet Sarah Demetry MSIII, Cadet Lucy Wagner MSI, Cadet Rachel Preston MSII, Cadet Danielle Gruenbaum MSIII, Cadet Parker Mooney MSII, Cadet Ryan Hayes MSIII, Cadet Clay Dorman MSI, Cadet Zachary Adams MSIII, (ALTERNATE) Cadet Jenna Romine MSIII, (ALTERNATE) Cadet Madison Lambkin MSI.


BUCKEYE BATTALION GRAY: Cadet Patrick Brito MSIII, Cadet Steven Apicella MSIII, Cadet Adam Batty MSIII, Cadet David Perry MSII, Cadet Robert Wedebrook MSIII, Cadet Jonathan Maher MSIII, Cadet Patrick Njeru MSIII, Cadet Luke Blumenschein MSIII, (ALTERNATE) Cadet Gar Chatain MSI, (ALTERNATE) Cadet Austin Evans MSI


Secretary of the Veterans Affairs Visit.  The Secretary of the VA, Secretary McDonald visited The Ohio State University this past month. Prior service and combat veteran, Cadet Zachary Adams (Junior) met with him for a lunch prior to his address to the Ohio State faculty, staff, and Alumni. After his address, we had the opportunity to talk one on one with him about the challenges veterans and our future leaders face. I want to thank the Army ROTC Alumni Association for the overwhelming support at the event. Your presence was noticed, and appreciated by all!


Upcoming Events. I wanted to give you a list of the upcoming events so if you are in the area, you can join us and meet your future platoon leaders. You are always welcome at any of our events.  If you would like more information on an event, please contact me.

10 May 2015: Spring Commissioning (Guest Speaker-MG Smith, DCG XVIII Airborne Corps)

3 June – 13 August 2015: Cadet Summer Training, Ft Knox, KY Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET) and Cadet Leadership Course (CLC)

25 August 2015: First day of class

12 September 2015: First home football game and Army ROTC Tailgate


Social Media. Soon to be MSIV, Cadet Vore  has taken over the OSU Army ROTC website, Facebook page, and also created a Twitter account. He will build on Cadet Winkelmann’s success. Please spread the word and help us tell the Buckeye Battalion’s story.

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