Overall Mission Assessment: We currently have 187 Cadets enrolled in the program. The Buckeye Battalion spent this past month executing planning, physical training, alumni engagements, and interactions with Army leaders in the area.


  • This Spring 2023 semester the Buckeye Battalion enrolled 20 new Cadets into classes. 17 of the newly enrolled Cadets attended the New Cadet Orientation on Monday 09JAN2023. The Program achieved a 94% return rate with only 10 Cadets selecting to not return this semester between Autumn 2022 and Spring 2023. The Battalion successfully contracted eight Cadets in January.
  • The Battalion is happy to welcome Delaney Jean Conway as a new Buckeye family member. MAJ Brian Conway and wife Erica gave birth on 10 January 2023. Delaney was welcomed coming in at 9.8 lbs and 21.5”. Mom, Delaney and Dad are all doing well.
  • On Friday 27 January 2023, the Buckeye Battalion facilitated an Army Community Meeting at Beightler Armory in Dublin, OH. Groups that attended included Columbus West JROTC, Ohio Army National Guard Recruiting Managers, local USAREC leaders, and The Ohio State Army SROTC. The Ohio Army National Guard Recruiting Battalion coordinated Spring Events and developed the partnerships needed for programs to be successful in the future. Additional information was provided by the Civilian Assistant for the Secretary of the Army and a US Army Reserve Ambassador.

Training and Retaining:

  • Training continues to focus on preparation of MSIII’s for CST 23 with MSI’s and MSII’s expanding their understanding of small unit tactics and leadership. The efforts this semester focus on our culminating event (Spring Joint FTX 31MAR – 02 APR 2023) in which Cadets demonstrate their understanding of the fall and spring semesters instruction. Additionally, this event provides the MSIII’s a realistic opportunity to integrate with other Cadets from Ohio University and Capital University. The opportunity to train at Fort Knox, KY also provides Ohio Universities a “Home Field Advantage” during CST for land navigation.



Recruiting events schedule:

      • 12 JAN 23 – SP23 Transfer & Regional Campus Student Welcome Event
      • 18-19 JAN 23 – Spring Student Involvement Fair
      • 27 JAN 23 – Buckeye Visit Day (OSU-N) High School Senior’s
      • 17 FEB 23 – Buckeye Visit Day (OSU-N) High School Senior’s
      • 23-24 FEB 23 – Ohio FBLA State Leadership Conference (SLC)


  • The Ohio State Cadre and Cadets supported the OSU Cheer Power event Friday and Saturday 27-28JAN2023. The Buckeye Battalion provided 40 Cadets working as support staff as well as ambassadors of the University.
  • The Buckeye Battalion supported the OSU AROTC Alumni Wrestling Match Tailgate on Sunday 29JAN2023. The Buckeye Battalion gathered with alumni to show support for the wrestling team. The tailgate concluded with Cadets, Cadre and Alumni attending the wrestling match with their win against Michigan State.

Discipline: The Battalion has no disciplinary actions pending.

Teamwork: The Ohio State University, Ohio University, and Capital University AROTCs initiated Joint FTX planning for the upcoming Spring ’23 FTX. MSIV’s assume an active role in planning each event providing them experience in coordinating, synchronizing and executing a field training exercise. The Cadre plan to execute a remote OIC/RSO brief on Thursday 23FEB2023 in preparation for running ranges and opening / closing training areas at Fort Knox, KY.

Heroes of the Battlefield

Military: The Buckeye Battalion recognizes our new AGR officer, CPT Kara Otero. CPT Otero is expected to serve as an APMS and oversee the Battalion’s Logistical Operations as a part of our team. She recently arrived to Columbus, OH from Fort Bliss, TX accompanied by her husband and child. The program is working to send her to CFD-IC prior to CST23 in an effort to certify her to instruct next semester.

Cadet: Cadet Kelly Feng is a compression Cadet and serves on The Ohio State University Fencing Team. She recently competed in the St. Johns and UPenn Fencing Invitational between 21-22JAN23. She achieved a record of 13-2, defeating competitors from St. Johns, Harvard, and NYU. Cadet Feng achieved a 3.9 GPA in her Military Science classes as well as a 3.69 cumulative GPA in her degree in International Studies.

Civilian: Serving as our Human Resource Assistant (HRA), Mr. Andrew Rieman continues to be a driving force within the Buckeye Battalion. Mr. Rieman has proved essential to reviewing and updating accessions packets. This semester he visited the MSIs, MSIIs, and MSIIIs in class providing crucial guidance to gain the necessary points to be competitive during the accessions process.


Buckeyes Lead The Way!


LTC Michael R. Kelvington