Army ROTC Buckeye Alumni,

I hope you all had a great holiday season. We are off and running this semester.

State of the Corps of Cadets. We have 154 enrolled cadets and 94 contracted. We’ve already met out contract mission for 2016, 2017, and 2018. We are working on mission sets 2019 and 2020 now. We have a commission mission of 25 for each of those years, but will most likely exceed our annual missions. This year we will commission 27.

Winter Commissioning: On December 20th, we commissioned 2 new officers from the Buckeye Battalion. 2LT Sean Coolidge (Active Duty Nurse) and 2LT Michael Mann (Active Duty Infantry). These two Cadets are the 10,420th and 10,421st Ohio State Army ROTC Officers commissioned. Congratulations!

New Cadet Orientation. The semester started with new Cadet Orientation. We had a jump in new Cadets this semester. 28 new students enrolled in ROTC between the fall and spring semester. Our recruiting officer, Mr. Sargent and Gold Bar Recruiter, 2LT Jeremy Jett, did an outstanding job bringing in new recruits, but many of the new Cadets were drawn to ROTC by current Cadets. This is a positive trend and we will continue to aggressively recruit quality candidates.

Buckeyes Got Your Back: The Cadets Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (CASH/A) conducted Buckeyes Got Your Back Facilitator Training. All members of CASH/A are now certified to facilitate the University’s bystander intervention training and they will be conducting the training for the entire Corps of Cadets this semester

Military Ball: The Military Ball is fast approaching. It will be on Friday, the 26th of February, at 1800 at the Ohio Union Archie Griffin Ball Room. Our guest speaker this year is the Commander of TRANSCOM, General McDew. If you are interested in attending, please let me know. You are always welcome at any of our events.

Men’s Basketball Team: The Buckeye Battalion has established an Army ROTC Basketball team. The team will compete in the 30th Annual National ROTC Basketball Tournament at Notre Dame in February. The tournament consists of 36 teams from across the country and includes Army, Air Force, and Naval ROTC programs. We held tryouts late last semester and selected 12 Cadets to complete against teams from Syracuse, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Kentucky, Michigan, Purdue, Marquette, Virginia Tech and Kansas to name a few.

Women’s Soccer Team: The Buckeye battalion also established a women’s soccer team. The team will compete in the intermural indoor soccer league on campus, but also will compete in tournaments around the Columbus area. This team also plans to visit local high schools and educate the students about ROTC while playing soccer with the school teams.

Spring Awards Board: We conducted our annual Spring Awards Board and selected more than 30 deserving Cadets for awards. Last year the Alumni Society awarded over $29,000 in scholarships to Cadets. This year we will award over $36,000!!! That is amazing. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity. I think you will find that the selected Cadets are more than deserving of the awards. They look forward to meeting you at the Spring Awards/Hall of Fame Dinner.

BuckeyeThon: many of you have received the email from cadet Lamp, but the Cadets have formed an Army ROTC BuckeyeThon team to raise money for Nationwide Children’s Hospital Cancer Research. The team is attempting to raise $250 per team member and all proceeds will go to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. If you have not received the email from Cadet Lamp and are interested in supporting the team, please contact him at This is a great cause and the idea originated with the Cadets. It speaks to their selfless service and commitment to the community.

Upcoming Events.
January 25th-29th: Diagnostic APFT
February 6th-8th: Notre Dame ROTC Basketball Tournament
February 26th : Military Ball
March 10th : Spring Awards
March 10th: Hall of Fame Dinner
March 11th: Senior Breakfast
March 14th-16th: German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge
March 14th-18th Spring Break
April 6th: APFT
April 8th-10th: Cadet Leadership Exercise (CALDEX)
April 14th-17th: Leadership Development Exercise-Camp Ravenna
April 22nd: Tri-Service Pass and Review
May 7th: Spring Commissioning
May 8th: Commencement

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