Army ROTC Buckeye Update:

Spring Semester is here and we are off to a great start. The Cadre won the annual Faculty Dodge Ball Tournament this month by defeating the College of Nursing, College of Engineering, and 5 other departments. The Navy was eliminated before we had a chance to beat them. There were 23 teams in the tournament.

State of the Corps of Cadets: We have 169 Cadets in the Battalion. Normally our numbers drop from Fall to Spring Semester, but this semester we are starting with about the same amount of Cadets as we ended with last semester. Several dropped from the fall, but we gained 23 new cadets. This is the biggest group of new Cadets we’ve had in the spring semester since I’ve been at OSU. The number of female Cadets in the Battalion continues to increase. 32% of the Cadets are female this semester.

Secretary of the Army Visit: Last semester the Cadets did such a good job with the Under Secretary’s visit that the Secretary of the Army decided to pay us a visit. Secretary Fanning talked with the Cadets and then visited the Shoe with the Buckeye Battalion. He talked to the Cadets about his duties and responsibilities and then answered questions. The discussion centered around challenges of joint operations and current and emerging threats. It was a short visit, but an honor to have Secretary Fanning on campus, even if he is from TSUN.
Cadet Academic Progress and Success (CAPS): The CAPS program is fully implemented and includes online near-real-time grade monitoring, mandatory study tables, cadet academic mentors, free tutoring, and professor (outside of ROTC) monthly feedback. Starting this semester, the average GPA for a contracted cadet is 3.4, up an entire point from last year. The average GPA for the general student population at OSU is 3.1. Each company listed an average company GPA of 3.5 as their goal. We will continue to stress academic performance while developing their leadership skills.

Semester Training Brief: The new battalion and company command leadership briefed their Semester Training Brief (STB). This semester the training plan is focused on Squad and Platoon tactics and getting back to the basics. We’ve added an additional elective course, “Advanced Warrior Skills,” this semester to teach field craft, squad tactics, advanced land navigation, and basic rifle marksmanship. The current curriculum offers these topics, but not to the level that we would like, so we added the course. These tasks are necessary for Cadets to succeed at Advanced Camp and as lieutenants.

Cadet Climate Survey: For the first time in my tenure, we conducted a Cadet Climate Survey. The survey was developed, administered, and analyzed by the Cadets so that we could really get a sense of their issues and concerns. The responses (over 110) were overwhelmingly positive.

94% of the Cadets feel PT is beneficial
98% feel a sense of connection to ROTC and Ohio State
97% said Cadre answer their questions about ROTC, school, or life and have helped them overall
98% said they would sign up for another semester (our retentions numbers showed this)
79% said labs were informative and engaging
95% said they are confident in their Army knowledge and skills
98% said they are treated with respect by cadets and cadre
37% said they have difficulty balancing ROTC and their academic workload. We are finding ways to give more time back to the Cadets. We are limiting the details and taskings. We’ve also implemented a red, amber, green cycle for the Companies. The Cadets published a detailed training calendar and
we’ve also published a Mandatory ROTC Events matrix that clearly shows what events are mandatory and which ones are encouraged. These new processes will help give the Cadets more predictability and should help them with their time management skills.

Army vs Ohio State Save the Date: This year West Point will travel to the Shoe to take on the Buckeyes for the first time in history. The university is rolling out the red carpet for this historic game. We would like to see as many Alumni on campus as possible. There will be a huge invitation only pre-game tailgate at the Recreation and Physical Activities Center for OSU Alumni and friends of the program. More information will follow, but please save the date, September 17th, 2017.

Significant Events (Last Month)
 9 January 1st Day of Class
 10 January New Cadet Orientation
 11 January Secretary of the Army Visit
 16 January Semester Training Brief-Battalion
 18 January Semester Training Brief-Company
 20-25 January Diagnostic APFT
 24 January Brigade Commander Visit
 25 January Battalion Run

Significant Events (Next Month)
 2 February BCFS
 10-11 February Buckeye-thon
 17 February Branch Day
 23 February Battalion Run/Award Ceremony
 24 February Military Ball
 27 February Fit to Fight 4 Mile Run

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