Army ROTC Buckeye Update:

Spring Semester started on a sad note.  The battalion lost one of their own over the winter Break. Senior Cadet Grace Cotter passed away after the winter Commissioning ceremony. She was scheduled to graduate in May. Unfortunately we started the semester with a military memorial honoring Cadet Cotter.  Like all good Army units, we will honor her memory by continuing the mission.

State of the Corps of Cadets: We have 168 Cadets in the Battalion.  This is another large spring class. Our focus is to contract and award scholarships to all eligible cadets. Currently, 83 are contracted, 68 of those are on scholarship (82% of contracted cadets and 40% of total participating cadets)

Winter Commissioning Ceremony: We commissioned seven 2LTs at the winter commissioning ceremony on December 17th.   The guest speaker was SGM(R) Tom Fuller, OPS SGM for 75th Ranger Regiment and Current President and CEO of Armageddon Gear. The following cadets are the newest members of the Buckeye Battalion Alumni:


2LT David Perry, Active Duty, Transportation, with duty at Ft Benning

2LT Dax Conrad, Active Duty, Infantry, IBOLC

2LT Ayden Harris, Active Duty, Medical Corps, with Ed Delay to attend medical school at Michigan State

2LT Parker Mooney, National Guard, Infantry, Oregon National Guard

2LT Rachel Preston, Reserves, Chemical Corps

2LT Sarah Smith, Active Duty, Field Artillery, with duty at Ft Riley, Kansas

2LT Joel Waits, Active Duty, Quartermaster, with duty at Ft Richardson, Alaska


If you are at one of these locations, look these Buckeyes up and welcome them to the Army


Save the Date Medal of Honor Visit; Spring Commissioning Ceremony (5 May 2018) We are commissioning 27 more officers in May. The commissioning ceremony will be on Saturday the 5th of May at 3:00 PM at Hitchcock Hall. We are extremely honored to welcome CPT Flo Groberg, Medal of Honor recipient as our guest speaker.  All alumni are welcome to join us for this event.


Semester Training Brief: The new battalion and company command leadership briefed their Semester Training Brief (STB).  This semester the training plan is focused on Squad and Platoon tactics and getting back to the basics.  The Cadet Battalion Commander also wants to focus on preparing the Juniors for Advanced Camp while giving the underclassmen opportunities to lead.


New Cadet Orientation: We welcomed 25 new cadets to the program this semester. The cadets went through a crash course on the Army prior to the start of the semester. Orientation consisted of equipment draw, customs and courtesies, wear and appearance of uniforms, ROTC Clubs and Organization briefs, and ROTC Policy review. After the orientation, the new cadets were released to their Cadet chain of command where the Platoon Leaders conducted individual counseling.


Army ROTC Basketball Tryouts: Our Buckeye Battalion Army ROTC team continues to grow. We will be fielding three men’s team and a women’s team for the Notre Dame ROTC Basketball tournament in March.


Significant Events (Last Month)


  • 7 January                             New Cadet Orientation
  • 8 January                             1st Day of Class
  • 12 January                          Semester Training Brief-Battalion
  • 19 January                          Semester Training Brief-Company
  • 20-25 January                    Diagnostic APFT
  • 31 January                          Brigade Commander Visit


Significant Events (Next Months)


  • 1 February                          Ohio APMS Forum
  • 1 February                          GEN McCrystal, GEN Hayden, GEN Pace Visit
  • 2-4 February                      Officer Christian Fellowship Retreat
  • 22 February                        Battalion Run/Awards Ceremony
  • 23 February                        Military Ball
  • 2-4 March                           Notre Dame ROTC Basketball Tournament
  • 8 March                               Tri Service Olympics
  • 8-11 March                         Pershing Rifles National Competition
  • 12-16 March                      Spring Break
  • 22 March                             Spring Awards Ceremony
  • 22 March                             OSU Army ROTC Hall of Fame Dinner
  • 23 March                             Senior Breakfast
  • 23-24 March                      German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge Competition
  • 24 March                             Norwegian Foot March Competition


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