Army ROTC Buckeye Alumni, friends, and family members,

The Cadets and Cadre members got a well-deserved Spring Break, but we are already back at it. Here is a recap of March.

State of the Corps of Cadets. We have 154 enrolled cadets and 94 contracted. We’ve already met out contract mission for 2016, 2017, and 2018. We are working on mission sets 2019 and 2020 now. We have a commission mission of 25 for each of those years, but will most likely exceed our annual missions. This year we will commission 27.

Hall of Fame Dinner: The Ohio State Army ROTC Alumni Society hosted an evening to honor the past and future Buckeye Battalion leaders. Three servicemen were inducted into the Hall of Fame for The Ohio State Army ROTC Alumni Society this month. World War II Veteran Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Charles Jones (awarded posthumously), Col. (Ret.) Don Fisher and Jeff Barnes made up the 2016 class. The Battalion wanted to thank, LTC (R) Hulslander and all the Alumni for the event. The local press release is here:

Annual Awards Ceremony: Prior to the Hall of Fame Dinner, the battalion recognized 49 outstanding Cadets. The battalion, Alumni, and local organizations presented 42 Awards were to 49 Cadets. This year, the Alumni Society Awarded over $36,000 in scholarships to deserving Cadets!! That is a $7,000 increase from last year. We are truly humbled to have such great support from our Alumni, Friends, and Family Members. Many Cadets would not be able to pursue their dreams of becoming an Army Officer without your support. Thank You!

Cadet Academic Progress and Success (CAPS) Program: Many of you have heard me discuss the importance of GPA in the accessions and branching process. It is worth 25% of the Cadets’ overall score. After several months of working with the Athletic Department, I was able to unveil our newest initiative, the CAPS Program. This program is an academic progress, monitoring, and success program modeled after the Athletic Department.

The CAPS Program originated after observing how we train our Cadets. If a Cadet is struggling with PT, we train them. We help them get better. We do Special Conditioning PT with them and we monitor their progress closely with several diagnostic PT tests throughout the semester. We don’t wait until they fail their record APFT to train them, we are proactive. This was not the case with their academics.

Often the first time we know if a Cadet is struggling is when we receive their grades at the end of the semester and it is too late. We have to suspend their scholarship or even dis-enroll them from the program completely, requiring them to pay back all of the scholarship money they’ve received. We did little to ensure their academic success outside of Converse Hall in the past. The CAPS program will allow Cadre members to be proactive with every Cadets’ academic success. It will include online, near real-time classroom attendance, test scores, and progress for all classes, not just the ones we teach. It will include mandatory study tables and tutoring. Every underclassmen will be assigned an Academic Coach
to assist them. With this program, at risk, Cadets will be identified early and we will help them succeed in the classroom.

Company Grade Leadership Panel: The seniors had the pleasure of talking with 12 Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) Active Duty Officers last week. The 12 Captains and Majors are at OSU pursing their graduate degrees before going back to the Active force. The ACS officers discussed Company Grade Leadership. They talked about expectations and life as a Platoon Leader. They also broke the hard news to the Seniors that they would be spending a lot of time in Staff positions.

Senior Breakfast: The OSU Army ROTC Alumni Society hosted the annual Senior Breakfast honoring all graduating seniors. The Alumni presented the seniors with their gold bars and coins. The guest speaker for the event was newly inducted Hall of Fame Member COL (R) Don Fisher

German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge: 13 Cadets participated in the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge competition at University of Indiana. The two-day event challenged them physically and mentally. At the end, 6 Cadets received the Gold Badge (CDT Apicella, CDT Brownlee, CDT Curtin, CDT Hoffman, CDT Kerth, and CDT Wedebrook) and 4 received the bronze badge (CDT Conrad, CDT Hutchison, CDT Valley, and CDT Zivkovic). Great job!

Upcoming Events.
April 6th: APFT
April 8th-10th: Cadet Leadership Exercise (CALDEX)
April 14th-17th: Leadership Development Exercise-Camp Ravenna
April 22nd: Tri-Service Pass and Review
May 7th: Spring Commissioning
May 8th: Commencement

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