Overall Mission Assessment: We currently have 183 Cadets enrolled in the program, of those 130 are contracted. The Buckeye Battalion had an incredibly busy month of activities in the classroom, labs, as well as Mil Ball, Spring Awards, Senior Breakfast, and the Tri-Service Olympics!


  • On the weekend of 10 February 2023, 20 cadets executed the annual Flyin’ Irish Basketball tournament at Notre Dame University. The tournament hosted 47 teams from various ROTC programs across the nation. Both OSU teams advanced into bracket play having won multiple games with the men’s team making it to the quarterfinals and the women’s team to the semis.
  • Cadets executed tryouts for 4 Air Assault training slots received by the Battalion. Spanning a week in length Cadets completed in written testing, the ACFT, and a 12-mile ruck march. Only the best move on the compete for the wings. Day one consisted of an eight-part evaluation with workouts, gear inspections, and a written exam. Day two consisted of a 12-mile ruck and gear layout.






  • Bold Warrior 6 spent 22 February with the Buckeye Battalion. COL Chilton engaged the entire Battalion after spending the PT session with the MSIV’s. He provided insight to future leaders addressing the MSIV’s during class. COL Chilton also conducted a round table with the Cadre. BW6 engaged with the University’s Director of Military and Veteran Services, Kevin Cullen, and the Vice Provost / Dean of Undergraduate Education Dean Jones.
  • MSIII Cadets had the opportunity to familiarize with, assemble, and disassemble M4 Carbines at Weapons Lab on 28 FEB 23. The Buckeye Battalion resourced the M4 Carbines from the Ohio National Guard at Beightler Armory.
  • On 02MAR23, the Buckeye BN in coordination with the OSU Army ROTC Alumni Society hosted the Annual Spring Awards Ceremony at the 4H Center. The program awarded 36 awards and 27 scholarships with a monetary value of over $64,000. The program and alumni/award sponsors strive to recognize the accomplishments of our Cadets. This event is significant to the program because it connects alumni and Cadets together to celebrate achievements and social further strengthening the OSU Army ROTC and ROTC Alumni programs.
  • The Buckeye Battalion had the honor to host MG Munera from 02-03 March. MG Munera served as the guest of honor during the Spring Awards Ceremony presenting multiple awards, including USACC Scholarships and the National Guard Solider of the Year to our Ohio National Guard Recruiter SFC Tyler Mills.
  • On 03MAR23, the OSU ROTC Alumni hosted a breakfast for the Seniors of the Buckeye BN. This annual event serves as another touch point in which the alumni and Cadets get to connect. In addition to the breakfast, the alumni society provided each of our Senior Cadets a free one-year membership to the Ohio State Army ROTC Alumni Society and a set of LT bars for commissioning.
  • Early morning of 09MAR23, the Cadets of the Buckeye Battalion took on the Cadets of the Air Force and Naval ROTC programs. Cadets competed in 5 events from ruck march, pullups, pushups, tug-of-war, 1 mile relay run, and 800 meter relay race. Competition was tough, but the Army ROTC took home the trophy for the first time since 2020.
  • Cadets, Cadre, and Staff of the Buckeye Battalion held their 114th annual military ball on the evening of 09MAR23. The evening allowed Cadets, Cadre, Family and Friends to celebrate the achievements of the Buckeye Battalion, most importantly the hard work of our MS-IV’s. LTC Kelvington presided over the evening events with Kamryn Babb, former Buckeye Football Team Captain serving as the guest speaker.
  • The Buckeye Battalion prepares for training with Cadets from Capital University and Ohio University during the Joint FTX at Fort Knox, Kentucky 31 March-02 April 2023.

Training and Retaining:

  • Training continued to focus on preparation of MSIII’s for CST 23 with MSI’s and MSII’s expanding their understanding of small unit tactics and leadership. The efforts this semester focus on our culminating event (Spring Joint FTX) in which Cadets demonstrate their understanding of the fall and spring semesters instruction. Additionally, this event provides the MSIII’s a realistic opportunity to integrate with other Cadets from Task Force 8 and give them a “Home Field Advantage” during CST in reference to land navigation.
  • The Buckeye Battalion MSI’s executed a Military Board 13-16 Feb. Cadets presented themselves to members of the board and were expected to display their understanding of and knowledge of basic military subjects. The board experience not only allowed Cadets to reflect on there performance and identify weak points for future growth, it also provided insight to what their Enlisted Soldiers will go through sitting for promotion boards. In all, Cadets gained confidence in the ability to confront and stay calm when facing adversity.
  • Following completion of the Spring FTX, training focus transitions to close-out of the semester with gear turn-in, final exams, and preparing MS-III’s with documentation and equipment layouts prior to CST 23.



Recruiting events schedule:

      • 1 MAR 23 – Columbus Campus Connections Fair (OSU Newark)
      • 4 MAR 23 – Buckeye Visit Day (OSU-N) High School Senior’s
      • 7 MAR 23 – Centerville HS College Fair @ Centerville HS 1830-2000 hrs.
      • 8 MAR 23 – Mason HS College Fair @ Mason HS 1800-2000 hrs.
      • 10 MAR 23 – Spring Transfer Open House @ Ohio Union
      • 16 MAR 23 – Olentangy District Counselor Info Briefing
      • 20 MAR 23 – Cincinnati Spring College Fair @ St. Xavier HS 1800-2000 hrs.
      • 21 MAR 23 – Ohio State Destination Day @ CSCC
      • 07 APR 23 – Future Buckeye Day (OSU-N) Incoming Freshmen
      • 22 APR 23 – Buckeye Visit Day (OSU-N) High School Senior’s
      • 03-05 MAY 23 – Ohio FFA State Convention (Another Cadre Member)
      • 02-08 MAY 23 – JROTC National Drill & Ceremonies Championships (Daytona Beach, FL)


Cadre continue to build camaraderie among each other. Tri-service events like the Joint Service Olympics and Color Parade, as well as the Mil Ball are ways to exercise a healthy mixture of esprit de corps and tradition.

Discipline: The Battalion currently has one Cadet pending disenrollment (failed urinalysis). Submitted for processing.

Teamwork: The Ohio State University, Ohio University, and Capital University AROTCs initiated Joint FTX planning for the upcoming Spring ’23 FTX. MSIV’s assume an active role in planning each event providing them experience in coordinating, synchronizing and executing a field training exercise. The Cadre plan to execute a remote OIC/RSO brief on Thursday 23FEB2023 in preparation for running ranges and opening / closing training areas at Fort Knox, KY.

Heroes of the Battlefield

Military: The Buckeye Battalion recognizes LTC Nalli this month. He is currently in his fourth year at the program. LTC Nalli’s dedication serves as a role model to the Cadets. Focused on excellence, LTC Nalli leads the Cadet Operations shop, serves as the APMS for MSIV’s, and is one of the Company Coach, Evaluator, Mentor, Adviser and Training (CEMAT) for MSIVs and Completion Cadets assigned to HHC.

Cadet: Cadet Benjamin Stowe, an MS-1, earned an Air Assault slot during the Battalions schools’ tryouts. Cadet Stowe is well respected amongst his peers and excels in both his MSI and Mechanical Engineering course work. Always quick to support others, Cadet Stowe is quickly building a reputation in the Buckeye Battalion as a future candidate for the Cadet “Big 5”.

Cadet Patrick Karman, MS IV, took a team of 16 Cadets, three of the sixteen were Army ROTC Cadets, to Washington, DC 09-12MAR23 to compete in the National Pershing Rifle Competition. Out of 25 teams, they placed second.

Civilian: Mr. Joseph Wiehe serves as the Civilian Hero of the Battlefield for the month of March. Mr. Wiehe dedication and relentless support to the battalion is above distinction. Serving as the OSU Supply Tech while providing support to Capital University, his efforts for the past month planning and coordinating sets conditions for the success of Spring ’23 FTX.

Special Area of Interest Items (as required): Sent email regarding concerns with bus contract ISO TF 8 Spring JFTX SEPCOR.


Buckeyes Lead the Way!


LTC Michael R. Kelvington