Army ROTC Buckeye Alumni,

Happy Thanksgiving!! November was a great month for the Buckeye Battalion. This will be the last
update of the semester. I can’t believe it went by so fast. I will resume the emails after the new
year, but we’ve had a great semester. Here is what we’ve been up to this month.

State of the Corps of Cadets. We have 146 enrolled cadets. We have a commission mission of 25, but
will commission 27 this year.

Cadet Branch Day: Senior Cadets received their branches on November 17th at our annual Branch Draft
Day. Once again, the Buckeye Battalion led the way. The national average for Cadets receiving their
first Branch choice was 63.6%. Here at Ohio State, 89% of the graduating seniors received their
first choice and all of the Cadets received their first or second choice. For those of you who were
worried that having a loggie as the PMS would influence the Cadets to pick branches other than the
Infantry, do not be afraid. Seven are going Infantry. Another 6 are going Military Intelligence. So
I did fail in the branch diversity department. Here are the results:

Active Duty
Cadet Zachary Adams         Medical Service
Cadet Kyle Barger                Military Intelligence
Cadet Adam Batty                Military Intelligence Cadet
Danielle Gruenbaum           Military Intelligence
Cadet Kevin Jenq                 Military Intelligence (branch detailed to Armor)
Cadet Adam Mangen           Military Intelligence
Cadet Patrick Njeru             Military Intelligence
Cadet Kenneth Eigner         Infantry
Cadet Michael Mann           Infantry
Cadet Tyler Thompson        Infantry
Cadet Robert Wedebrook   Infantry
Cadet Chris Williams           Infantry
Cadet Ryan Hayes                Signal (branch detailed to Infantry)
Cadet Michael Gans             Signal (branch detailed to Infantry)
Cadet Patrick Brito              Aviation
Cadet Sean Coolidge           Nurse
Cadet Heath Flowers          Military Police
Cadet Scott McKown          Field Artillery
Cadet Trenton Vore             Pending

Reserve Component
Cadet Lucas Blumenschien Quartermaster
Cadet Chris Daniel               Engineer
Cadet Duboise                       Adjunt General
Cadet Kevin Kerth                Ordnance

Cadet Ian Pingitore
Cadet Zachary Rusk
Cadet Jeffrey Wolfe              Transportation
Cadet Sarah Moffitt              Nurse

Leadership Development Exercise (LDX): The Buckeye Battalion conducted our Fall LDX at Delaware
State Park. Under our new battalion structure, we have accelerated the annual training cycle.
Normally Cadets are not exposed to platoon operations until late in their Junior year. At this
years’ fall LDX we conducted six platoon lanes. The Senior Cadets planned and executed Movement to
Contact, HVT, Recon, Ambush, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and KLE lanes. MSIIIs and MSIIs rotated
leadership positions, while MSIs had the opportunity to be squad members and learn by participating
and observing the upperclassman. This LDX was our MRE/MRX for our “deployment” to Camp Ravenna in
the spring.

US Army Drill Team: The US Army Drill team from the Old Guard led the Ohio State Football Team
across Remembrance Park and into St John’s Arena for the Skull Session. The drill team brought the
crowd of 14,000+ Buckeyes to their feet with their performance. Here is the link to the event:


Tri Service Rock Ceremony: The Cadets and Cadre participated in the annual Rock Ceremony on the
Oval. The ceremony honors past and current Ohio State University Student Veterans. The ceremony on
campus dates back to 1919, when taps was played every Wednesday at 1058 in the morning during the
school year. At that time, all students would stop and pay their respect. The University and ROTC
programs continue to honor OSU veterans with this annual ceremony.


Ohio State Wexner Medical Center Visit. 20 Cadets and Cadre participated in the Wexner Medical Center’s
Veterans Day recognition. Cadets visited current patients at the Ross Heart Hospital and
The James Cancer Hospital who also served our country. The Cadets presented a pin to the Veterans
and thanked them for their service. This event was one highlight of a very busy Veterans Day week,
which also included color guards and recognition at Nationwide Insurance Headquarters, Fisher
College of Business, Blue Jackets Hockey, OSU Women’s Basketball, and OSU Men’s Hockey. This
semester, the Cadets have completed more than 1080 hours of community service and community
outreach. This speaks to their character and selfless service.

Cost of War Symposium: In coordination with the Ohio State Department of Theater, Cadets and Cadre
members participated in the three day Cost of War Symposium on Campus. The symposium was designed
to bring awareness to the challenges that war poses to Service members, Veterans, family members,
and the communities. The Symposium told Veterans stories through poetry, music, dancing, and

Ohio State Marching Band In-ranks Inspection: Cadet and Cadre members dressed in full ASUs
conducted an in-ranks inspection of the Best Damn Band in the Land. The annual tradition takes
place prior to the last home game of the season and symbolizes the origin of the marching band,
which began in 1878 as the Military Department’s fife and drum Corps. The Cadets, Officers, Non-Commissioned
Officers, and Band members stand side by side representing nearly 140 years of military and musical

Upcoming Events.

November 25th-29th: Thanksgiving Break December 1st: Joint Service Olympics December 9th: End of
Semester December 20th: Winter Commissioning
February 26th : Buckeye Battalion Military Ball

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