Army ROTC Buckeye Alumni,

Happy Thanksgiving! The semester is winding down, but the football season is just heating up. Here is
what we’ve been up to:

State of the Corps of Cadets. We have 181 enrolled cadets. We have a commission mission of 25, but
will commission 26 this year. Numbers are up from last year and we are on track to commission 40 in

Branch Results, 3rd Annual Branch Draft Day: Cadet Command released the branches for graduating
seniors last week. The battalion announced the branches in our traditional NFL Draft Day style event.
The number one pick this year was Cadet Seth Lamp. He was taken by the Military Intelligence “team”
with the 1st overall pick in the draft. Here are the remaining results (* Distinguished Military Graduate
and ** Top 10% Cadet in the country).

Active Component:
Adjutant General              Cadet Sean Duffy
Nursing Corps                   Cadet Sarah Demetry
Field Artillery                    Cadet Benjamin Hoyt
Infantry                              Cadet Jon Maher
Cadet Robert Brownlee*
Cadet Stephen Apicella*
Cadet Anthony Davis**
Cadet Ani Vadlamani*
Law School Ed Delay       Cadet Jack Rozema
Military Intelligence        Cadet Seth Lamp*
Ordnance Corps                Cadet Brianna Myers
Cadet Sarah Runion
Signal Corps                      Cadet Nathaniel Dean
Transportation Corps      Cadet Calvin Curtin

Reserve Component:
Air Defense Artillery       Cadet Danny Valley
Adjutant General             Cadet Kevin Livingston
Nursing Corps                  Cadet James Thompson
Cadet Julian Ballister
Cadet Nicholas Dreyer
Military Intelligence        Cadet Syd Kiel
Military Police                   Cadet Brendan Giambruno-Fuge
Ordnance Corps                Cadet Scott Smith
Signal Corps                      Cadet David Ruckman*
Cadet Jeff Zivkovic
Corps of Engineers          Cadet Owen Repp
Transportation Corps      Cadet Zach Rusk

Fall FTX: This past weekend we completed our annual Fall FTX. This year we extended the Fall FTX to an
overnight event so that the Cadets could practice night operations. Over 150, contracted and noncontracted
Cadets participated in the event. We conducted continuous, platoon sized operations, for 24
hours. The FTX started with the platoons deploying to Atropia (Delaware State Park) and establishing
platoon patrol bases. The Platoons then each went on a 6.5 mile, night presence patrol with full ruck and
kit. Throughout the night, the platoons had to defend against SAPA attacks. The weather turned bad at
about 0300 and the temperature dropped from 77 degrees on Friday to 34 degrees on Saturday with
rain and snow. This didn’t stop the Cadets, but did make it more challenging for them. Saturday
consisted of a simulated mission to recover 6 pieces of a UAV that was shot down. The squads
completed the 6-point land navigation course and then went into platoon missions to find and capture a
HVT. The platoons conducted a reconnaissance mission and a raid to finish the exercise. This was the
first time that many Cadets have been in a tactical scenario and I was impressed with their attitude and

Female Cadet Battalion Commander: We announced the Cadet Battalion Leadership for spring
semester. The new Battalion Commander, Cadet Sarah Smith will be only the 2nd female battalion
commander in the history of the Buckeye Battalion. She is an Arabic and International Securities Major
who wants to branch Military Intelligence. She was the FUOPS this semester and planned the entire FTX
with Cadre oversight. Cadet Parker Mooney will be the CSM, Cadet Seth Lamp the XO, Cadet David
Ruckman the S3, and Cadet Ben Hoyt the OPS CSM.

North Hall Dedication: The University dedicated the new North Halls to past OSU Student Veterans. The
ceremony hosted by Student Life and attended by the President and provost highlighted the sacrifices of
these service men and women. One of the halls is named after OSU Army ROTC Cadet Omar Torres who
enlisted into the national guard and was killed in Baghdad in 2007. The ceremony highlights the
tremendous support the university gives to its military service men and women and will allow the spirit
of these veterans to endure forever on campus.

Rock Ceremony: The Army ROTC combined with the other services to honor OSU Veterans at the annual
Rock Ceremony. The annual Rock Ceremony, which dates back to November 11th, 1919, is an event that
honors the fallen war heroes of The Ohio State University. During the event, two minutes of silence is
observed, the playing of Taps, and a laying of a wreath at the Rock, which is located outside Bricker Hall.
The university posted a great tribute to ROTC and the OSU military community. Check it out at:

Veterans Day at Wexner Medical Center: Cadets and Cadre participated in the annual Veterans Day
Recognition at the Wexner Medical Center. The event began with a luncheon to recognize the current
OSU Wexner Medical Center employees who served in the military. The Army ROTC Cadets and Cadre
then were paired with these veteran employees of the medical center and visited more than 70
seriously ill patients in the hospital. The Cadets and Cadre read an award citation, awarded a pin to the
patients, and rendered salutes to the veterans. Many of these patients are terminally ill and may not
make it to another Veterans Day, so it was very special to them and extremely humbling for the Cadets
and Cadre members. The Cadets took time to talk to the veterans and listen to their stories, which
speaks to their character. You can see the coverage on the OSU website at

Significant Events (Last Month)
 27-28 October Brigade Nurse Visit
 28 October CASH/A: Invisible War Screening
 29 October Football Tailgate vs Northwestern
 1 November BCFS
 3 November University North Hall Dedication
 3 November Annual Scholarship Reception
 5 November Football Tailgate vs Nebraska (Military Appreciation Game)
 10 November Wexner Medical Center Veterans Day Event
 10 November Annual Veterans Day Rock ceremony
 18-19 November Fall FTX: Delaware State Park

Significant Events (Next Month)
 26 November Football Tailgate vs TSUN
 26 November Eyes of Freedom Memorial at Remembrance Park
 17 December Winter Commissioning Ceremony-Guest Speaker MG Rainey
 18 December Commencement
 19 Dec-9 Jan Winter Break

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