Army ROTC Buckeye Alumni,

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Those of you who had to spend it away from your family, we are thinking of you and are thankful for your selfless service.

State of the Battalion: We currently have 176 cadets with 86 contracted.  Our contracted Cadet number increased by 20 this past month. 8 Cadets will Commission this December.

Military Appreciation Game: As part of the Ohio State military appreciation game against Michigan State, 20 cadets took the oath on the field during the third quarter of the game as part of a joint service recognition.  The stadium was packed and the cadets received a standing ovation from 100,000 fans chanting “USA, USA.”  We look to continue this tradition in the future.


Rock ceremony: As the Tri-service lead, our cadets planned and executed the annual Rock Ceremony on the Oval. Our guest speaker was COL (R) Pete Mansoor who was the XO for General Petraeus during the Surge. He is currently the General Raymond Mason Chair for Military History at The Ohio State University. We placed a wreath at the Rock near Bricker Hall that honors veterans from The Ohio State University and we concluded the ceremony with a 21 Gun Salute.

Branch Draft Day: We announced the seniors’ branches at our annual Branch “Draft” Day.  One of the most fun events we do. We announce the branches in an NFL style draft day, where the branches are the “NFL Teams.”  This year the Infantry Branch had the #1 overall draft pick and they selected, Cadet Andrew Hater.  80% of our Cadets selected for Active Duty received their first branch choice vs 63% nationally.  We are well above the national average for branch satisfaction.  Here are the results of the branch draft day:


Cadet Meredith Rowe                       Nurse

Cadet Lucy Wagner                           Nurse

Cadet Clarissa Michaud                   Armor

Cadet Austin Evans                          Aviation

Cadet Matt Morisette                       Engineer

Cadet Sarah Smith                           Field Artillery

Cadet Andrew Elliott                       Field Artillery

Cadet Clay Dorman                          Infantry

Cadet Andrew Hater                       Infantry

Cadet Brett Wisti                              Infantry (Branch Detailed from Signal)

Cadet Dax Conrad                            Infantry

Cadet Tony Scinta                            Infantry

Cadet Kyle Herschel                        Infantry (Branch Detailed from Signal)

Cadet Ayden Harris                         Med School Education Delay

Cadet James Reinhart                    Military Police

Cadet Gar Chatain                           Ordnance

Cadet Clay Robertson                     Ordnance

Cadet Joel Waits                              Quartermaster

Cadet Ryan Fowler                          Quartermaster

Cadet Michaela Gennuso                 Signal

Cadet Nicole Santos                        Transportation

Cadet Kyle Mullins                           Transportation

Cadet David Perry                            Transportation

Cadet Madison Lambkin                Ed Delay for Vet School




Cadet Mario Palladino                    Air Defense

Cadet Nick Brumfield                     Aviation

Cadet Ryan Ho                                  Engineer

Cadet Nathan Carroll                      Field Artillery

Cadet Danny Tan                              Military Intelligence

Cadet Erica Coffee                           Military Intelligence




Cadet Rachel Preston                     Chemical

Cadet Kayla Konczos                      Medical Service

Cadet Griffin Stanley                      Quartermaster


Cadet Battalion and Company Change of Command: Cadet Austin Evans assumed Cadet Command of the battalion this week. He will be joined by Cadet Command Sargent Major Kayla Konczos, the XO, Cadet MAJ James Reinhart, and S3, Cadet Major Andrew Hater.

Veterans Day at Wexner Medical Center: Cadets and Cadre participated in the annual Veterans Day Recognition at the Wexner Medical Center. The event began with a luncheon to recognize the current OSU Wexner Medical Center employees who served in the military. The Army ROTC Cadets and Cadre then were paired with these veteran employees of the medical center and visited more than 70 seriously ill patients in the hospital. The Cadets and Cadre read an award citation, awarded a pin to the patients, and rendered salutes to the veterans. Many of these patients are terminally ill and may not make it to another Veterans Day, so it was very special to them and extremely humbling for the Cadets and Cadre members. The Cadets took time to talk to the veterans and listen to their stories, which speaks to their character.

Upcoming Events.

16 December                Commissioning Ceremony-Guest Speaker CSM(R) Tom Fuller

17 December                     Commencement


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