Overall Mission Assessment: We currently have 187 Cadets enrolled in the program. We just contracted our 12th Cadet for the semester, resulting in a total of 59% of enrolled students contracted. We are shaping up to have a complete MSIII class, with 34/36 Cadets contracted for MS24 and at least 8 others working through the contracting process.


· On 16-17 September 2022, the MSIV’s conducted a staff ride to Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland. The Cadets had the opportunity to provide briefs throughout the day in topics of mission command, leadership attributes and battlefield decision making. This event served multiple functions of understanding historic events and their impacts to modern operations as well as serve as a graded event to evaluate the research, presentation and group speaking skills. MAJ Matthew Hayden, Army Reservist, served as the guide for the event. The overall success of the event was the result of his coordination, preparation, and commitment to the program.

· Major Lawrence Miller Flag Ceremony, conducted on 23 September 2022, is a Tri-Service ROTC event named in memory of Major Lawrence Miller, a 1968 OSU graduate and 28-year veteran of the Navy and Air Force. The sponsoring organization, Major Lawrence Miller Military Fund provided National Colors to replace the worn and tattered flags across 25 locations on campus. Col. Charles E. Smith (USMC), 1995 OSU graduate, served as the keynote speaker for the event.

· The Buckeye Battalion participated in the annual OSU Homecoming Parade on 30 September 2022. The Battalion marched a 45 Cadet formation in uniform from The Ohio Stadium to the Student Union. The Cadets sang cadences and handed out pens, key-chains, water bottles, and t-shirts to students and children along the route. The program received applause and recognition from fellow students and the surrounding community members that attended.

· The program continues to build connections among the Alumni network. The Battalion conducted the annual Homecoming Alumni Society Tailgate prior to the OSU vs. Rutgers Football game on 01 October 2022. The event offered an opportunity for the Army ROTC Alumni Society to interact with current Cadets.


· The Battalion conducted the Record ACFT on 03, 04, and 06 October 2022. This event served as a baseline for the Cadets physical fitness and allowed leaders to determine what events to focus training. The Buckeye Battalion ACFT average was 523/600. Of the 167 Cadets that executed the ACFT, 118 (70%) scored above a 500. The top male score was earned by Cadet Kooper Clark (600) and the top female score was earned by Cadet Brittan Ham (597).



Recruiting events schedule:

      • 4 OCT 22 – Kiwanis College Fair
      • 5 OCT 22 – Fairfield County College Fair
      • 9 OCT 22 – Columbus Suburban College Fair
      • 10 OCT 22 – Columbus Area College Fair
      • 10 OCT 22 – South-Western City School District College Fair
      • 11 OCT 22 – Hilliard Schools Military Night
      • 19 OCT 22 – AMEDD Healthcare Recruiter Visit
      • 21 OCT 22 – Buckeye Visit Day (OSU-N) High School Senior’s

Retain: The MSVIs conducted a Retention Lab for MSI Cadets at the Scioto Audubon Metro Park Obstacle Course on 04 October 2021. This event encouraged teamwork and camaraderie as they navigated the various obstacles.

Discipline: The Battalion does not have any disciplinary actions.

Heroes of the Battlefield

Military: The Buckeye Battalion recognizes MAJ Matthew Hayden for the planning, coordination, and execution of the MSIV Staff Ride to Antietam Battlefield. Matt improved upon the annual event and provided an informational and exciting trip. The MSIVs received an overview of the battle prior to the event. Cadets conducted briefs throughout the staff ride that focused on key individuals and applications to mission command and leader actions/attributes.

Cadet: Cadet Gage Adkins contributed significantly to the preparation of the Ranger Challenge Team. Cadet Adkins led the initiative to schedule an innovative training glide-path focusing on route planning and decision making. A previous member of the team and designated as the Team Captain this year, he developed a rigorous training program. His efforts posture the program as a competitive team this year.

Civilian: Mr. Joseph Wiehe continues to be a staple and significant part of The Ohio State program. Mr. Wiehe serves as the primary Supply Tech at OSU and the supporting supply tech for Capital University. Mr. Wiehe enables the Buckeye Battalion to successfully plan and resource the Staff Ride, the Fall FTX, and the Ranger Challenge Team. Mr. Wiehe established and continues the tradition of Saturday ROTC Tailgates for every home game cooking for Cadets, Cadre, and Alumni of the program.

Special Area of Interest Items (as required): Coming up this month, the Buckeye Battalion is excited to host Dining In (21 October 22) and execute Fall FTX at Camp Sherman, OH (28-30 October 22).

Buckeyes Lead The Way!


LTC Michael R. Kelvington