Army ROTC Buckeye Alumni,

We are off to another great start. The Buckeye Battalion is as strong as ever.

Some of you may have heard me say that The Ohio State University Army ROTC’s mission is to have a better program than that school up north. Well, the 2015-2016 results are in and we’ve blown them away just like we do every year in football.

State of the Corps of Cadets. We have 168 enrolled cadets. We have a commission mission of 25, but will commission 27 this year.

Accessions Results. The Ohio State University beat Michigan 70-18! If you remember, last year our accessions score against Michigan was 64-57.

Let me explain. I truly believe in, “One Team, One Fight.” I’ve served with, deployed with, and fought alongside exceptional soldiers and officers from the Army Reserves and National Guard. Over the last 15 years of conflict, our reserve component forces have been instrumental in the success of our military. We simply could not succeed without them. These forces absolutely require the very best leaders and The Ohio State provides some of the best to the reserve components. That being said, the overwhelming majority of my cadets aspire to be active duty officers. Because of this, the number of cadets receiving an active duty commission has become a benchmark for programs across the country.

The national average this year for cadets receiving active duty was 55%. Michigan’s rate was 18%. The Ohio State University Army ROTC Program, once again exceeded the national average and 70% (19 of 27) of our cadets received active duty. What is more impressive is the number of Cadets receiving the Distinguished Military Graduate designation. The DMG is reserved for Cadets who rank in the top 20% of all Cadets nationally. The Ohio State University had 8 DMGs or 30% of our graduating seniors. That includes Active, Guard, and Reserve. I would be remised if I didn’t mention that Cadet Patrick Brito was the #3 Cadet out of 5580 in the nation.

I cannot take any credit for the success; the cadets, cadre, and staff deserve all the praise. Our recruiting officer, Mr. Sargent is bringing in exceptional talent. Our HRA’s Ms. Messerschmitt and Mr. Wiehe worked relentlessly to ensure every Cadet had their paperwork straight and received the accessions points they deserved. The Cadre, both past and present, have developed these Cadets from wide-eyed freshman to Army leaders. I am honored and privileged to be leading such great men and women.

Mission Command Workshop. I attended a four day workshop hosted by USACC commander, MG Peggy Combs at Ft Knox. All 275 PMSs from across the country attended. I had a chance to share ideas, listen to challenges, and collaborate with programs of different sizes and strengths. Topics included The Army Operating Concept by TRADOC Commander GEN Perkins, Human Dimension, Talent Management, Army Reserve by LTG Talley, Character Development, Diversity, Formative and Summative Assessments, and SHARP by Russ Strand. PMSs were also divided into working groups each with a different problem set. We looked at Evaluations and Assessments (NO, Advance Camp/LDAC/CLC assessments will not be
included in the accessions process), the Curriculum, FM 6-22 Leader Development, Character Development, and the early commissioning program. If you are interested in the findings and recommendations, I can get them to you, but bottom line, The Ohio State is doing it right.

Cadet Leadership Course (Advanced Camp/LDAC). I was part of the Character Development Working Group at the CG’s workshop. One of the questions we wrestled with was, “how do you quantify and access character?” I will tell you, one clear assessment was Cadet performance at Summer Training (CLC). All rising seniors attending CLC received a Cadet OER at the end of camp. They received a block check just like we do, but they added an addition block for the Top 15%. Cadets can receive a Top 15%, a Most Qualified, a Highly Qualified, a Qualified, or a Not Qualified rating.

This rating IS NOT included in their accessions packet, so their performance has no impact on receiving Active Duty or their Branch Choice. One might argue that it is “pass or fail” or that “it doesn’t count” or it is “a check the block exercise.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. It does count. It is a developmental training exercise, but more importantly, it is an assessment of the Cadet’s Character.

Knowing that their performance at camp would not move them up the OML or help get their branch choice, our Cadets could have easily went to Ft Knox and did the minimum to get by, but that didn’t happen. Thirty-two Ohio State Cadets went to camp and seven (or 22%) received a top 15% rating. Ten (31%) received a “most qualified” or “top block” rating. Your Buckeyes proved that they are among the best in the nation and not because they were being graded, but because that is who they are inside, leaders of character, drive, and determination.

Corps of Cadet Structure. The past month we have focused implementing the new battalion structure. Previous structure had all MSIs in one company, MSIIs in another company and MSIIIs in another company with MSIVs as Company commander and 1SG. There was a battalion staff, but no HHC. This year the battalion is fully integrated with 4 companies. One HHC and three line companies. The line companies have MSIVs as CO, 1SG, and PLs; MSIIIs as XOs, PSGs, and SLs; MSIIs as Team Leaders; and MSIs and team members. The HHC was established with MSIIIs as CO and 1SG and a robust S3 section of MSIVs and MSIIIs. MSIs, MSIIs, and MSIIIs will remain in the same company the entire year. The MSIV leadership will rotate at the end of this semester and the Company leadership will become battalion staff and the battalion staff will become the Company leadership. The new structure is key to developing leaders by making them lead from their MSII year forward.

Semester Training Brief: We completed our first Semester Training Brief (STB aka QTB). Company commanders, battalion staff sections and battalion leadership laid out their METL task, training objectives, training calendar, and end state. We will continue to make this a requirement each semester.

Upcoming Events.
September 25th: Ft Meigs Staff Ride
October 10th-12th: Army 10 Miler
October 10th: Homecoming vs Maryland
October 23rd: Dining In
November 2nd-6th: Cadet Command Inspection
November 5th: Rock Ceremony
November 7th: Military Appreciation Football vs Minnesota
November 9th: Active Duty Branch Day
November 11th: Veterans’ Day
November 14th-15th: Fall Leadership Development Exercise (LDX) at Delaware State Park
November 25th-29th: Thanksgiving Break
December 1st: Joint Service Olympics
December 9th End of Semester


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