Army ROTC Buckeye Alumni,

First and foremost, I want to thank all the Alumni that supported the program during the OSU vs Army football weekend. It was a great weekend and I really enjoyed seeing all the past and present Buckeyes together.

State of the Battalion: We started with 201 enrolled cadets at the beginning of the semester. As is normal, Cadets drop prior to the last add/drop day and then our numbers stabilize. We are currently at 176 cadets with 68 contracted and 41 contract ready. This is the largest class I’ve had in my tenure here at OSU. We are on track to commission 38 this year. That’s 13 over our commission mission.

Cadet Accessions: The seniors received their accessions results last week. We had 36 Cadets access this year. Of the 36, every one of them received their component of choice for a 100% satisfaction rate. We had three Cadets in the top 10% of the country, Cadet Hater, Cadet Tan, and Cadet Konczos. We had 10 Distinguished Military Graduates. 28% of this cohort received the DMG designation (versus 20% nationally). The DMGs are the three listed above and Cadets Conrad, Dorman, Evans, Lambkin, Michaud, Scinta, and Waits. OSU ranked 1st in the Big Ten for Active Duty Commissions, 2nd for Total Commissions in all components, and 2nd for total number of DMGs

Army vs Ohio State: The Ohio State University did an excellent job honoring our service men and women at the OSU vs Army football game. Many of you were at the game, but the Golden Knights brought the crowd of 100,000 fans to their feet as they began to chant “USA, USA.” The Ohio National Guard conducted a fly over with two Blackhawks, doors open, and flying low. My Buckeye Battalion Coin was awarded to 5 West Point football players who hail from the great state of Ohio. The Pre-Game Huddle/Tailgate at the RPAC was the first pre-game event that the university has ever sold out. It was the largest Pre-Game Huddle they’ve ever had with over 800 Cadets, Cadre, OSU Army ROTC Alumni, Friends and family members. LTG Murray’s remarks got the crowd fired up and helped highlight the Buckeye Battalion. Pershing Rifles did an impromptu performance and the Delta Detachment (Ranger) Cadets were repelling down the elevator shaft. All of the events from that weekend were coordinated and sponsored by The Ohio State University Army ROTC. I have to thank my team, especially SFC Huntington, for making this a memorable weekend for everyone.

Operation Buckeye: As part of the OSU vs Army weekend, Cadets, Student Veterans, Cadre, and Alumni packed over 200 care packages for deployed soldiers. Operation Buckeye hosted the event and the Cadets truly enjoyed doing this for deployed soldiers. The Cadets are all aware that there are former Buckeyes currently deployed and they wanted to give back.
9/11 Stair Run: In memory of 9/11 and the NYFD. The Cadets organized a stair run to honor the NYFD members who made it to the 78th floor of the World Trade Center before it collapsed. The Cadets and Cadre ran 1560 stairs in the Shoe for PT on 9/11. Cadets ran the entire A deck and Student section stairs. The run took nearly an hour and covered 1.65 miles of stairs.
Army Game Ball Run: The Cadets and Cadre conducted a game ball run from University of Dayton to Ohio State University to deliver an Army Game Ball for the OSU vs Army game and honor LTC (R) Schretzman, a previous University of Dayton PMS and West Point football player who is battling ALS. The Cadets also recognized Coach Tucker’s family at Remembrance Park. Coach Tucker was a long time coach for the Ohio State Football Team and strong supporter of the Buckeye Battalion. The run started on Thursday night and covered 73 miles. SFC Huntington covered the most miles with 30 and Cadet’s Hater and Dorman each ran more than 20 miles.

Antietam Staff Ride: The seniors conducted their annual staff ride. This year the group went to Antietam. They started the day with a rigorous PT session in the battle field and then briefed the battle by war fighting functions.

1st ID Division DCG and CSM Visit: The 1st ID DCG, BG Turner and Division Command Sergeant Major, CSM Cornelison visited with Cadets and discussed leadership lessons from their career and their most recent deployment to Iraq. More than 100 cadets, alumni, and faculty members attended the talk.

German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge: 10 Cadets participated in the GAFPB competition. 9 of the 10 received the gold award. This is the most gold awards we’ve received in three years. We will compete in another GAFPB in the spring.

Upcoming Events.
7 October Football Tailgate vs Maryland-Homecoming
7-9 October Army 10 Miler
15 October Ranger Challenge
20-22 October Fall FTX
28 October Football Tailgate vs Penn State
28 October German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge
3-5 November Brigade Ranger Challenge Competition
9 November Rock Ceremony
11 November Football Tailgate vs Michigan State-Military Appreciation Day
18 November Football Tailgate vs Illinois
16 December Commissioning Ceremony

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