Overall Mission Assessment: The Buckeye Battalion closed out Mission Set 22 with a total of 34 commissioned Second Lieutenants. This brings our 5-year average up to 34 commissions per year, 3-year average to 37 per year, and puts the program in a position to meet and exceed Tier 5 numbers within the next 2 years. With Academic Year 22-23 beginning, The Ohio State University Cadre and Cadets are excited to get back to military instruction and training. We started the semester with 191 Cadets and currently have 189 enrolled in the program.


· On 06 August 2022, President Johnson offered support and gratitude to members of the ROTC Programs and members of the university’s Military and Veteran Services. She spoke to staff about the Scarlet & Gray Advantage program to provide a debt-free bachelor’s degree, and discussed support programs offered by military-affiliated alumni groups and the National Veterans Leadership Foundation.

· On 21 August 2022, the Buckeye Battalion conducted new Cadet orientation and integration. The Battalion welcomed 72 new Cadets into the program. The Cadets received briefs on the program, Cadre introductions, and opportunities within the organization. Cadet MSIV Leaders provided the new Cadets a guided tour of campus and introduced them to their Cadet Company Chain of Command and assigned Cadre members.

· The Buckeye Battalion also closed out an exciting CST 22 with 45% of those graduating achieving an “OUTSTANDING” or “EXCELLENT” performance summary. Additionally, five Buckeyes earned the distinction of RECONDO.

· Cadets from the Battalion conducted additional Army Training. The Battalion graduated 3 Cadets from Army Air Assault School; sent 3 Cadets to Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT) – 1 attended Fort Bragg, NC, 1 attended Fort Campbell, KY and 1 attended The Old Guard in Washington D.C. The Battalion also sent 3 Nursing students to Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP) – 1 attended Walter Reed, 1 attended Fort Belvoir, VA and 1 attended Fort Leonard Wood, MO. The Leadership plans to recognized these Cadets at the first Battalion formation.


Cadet Leader Development:

Cadets receive development through CEMAT’s (Coach, Evaluator, Mentor, Advisor, Trainer) with PMS oversight. MSIVs conduct a Staff Ride 16 – 17 September 2022. The Battalion plans to execute the upcoming Fall FTX (28 – 30 OCT 2022) at Camp Sherman, Ohio focusing on Land Navigation, the

Engagement Skills Trainer (EST), and the Field Leader Reaction Course (FLRC). This event assesses land navigation readiness and improves individual marksmanship for those eligible for CST 23, and serves as an introduction to the program for new Cadets.

Cadre Leader Development:

Three Cadre members completed CFD-IC this summer with one scheduled to receive the training in the coming months. We continue to execute evaluations and observations for the Basic Instructor Badge. The recent graduates are working to put together their packets to send to S1 to receive the ASI.

LTC Kelvington conducts a contracting ceremony in Ohio Stadium.

Teamwork: On 07 September 2022, the Buckeye Battalion conducted a 9/11 commemorative physical training event in the Ohio Stadium (the Horseshoe). The Army Department teamed up with The Tri-Service ROTC Departments, The Ohio State University Men’s Wrestling, Men’s Lacrosse, Women’s Synchronized Swimming, Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers, the Columbus Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), and staff members from the National Veterans Memorial & Museum. We also had our local U.S. Army Reserve Ambassador present to attend the event. The Cadets coordinated and executed a 9/11 Stair Climb that commemorated the sacrifices of the Military following the Global War on Terror as well as challenged the joint services, athletics teams, support organizations, and veteran’s groups. This event served as a collaboration with the Athletics Department and ROTC Programs to learn and understand the importance of team building and leadership. Community outreach and awareness on our campus has been a strong line of effort the cadre and cadets of the Buckeye Battalion have placed additional emphasis on in their “post-COVID environment” to rekindle relationships that atrophied from 2020-2021. Following the event, the Buckeye Battalion conducted a contracting ceremony at the 50-yard line, including a piece of the Pentagon placed on the “Block O” pulled from the rubble after 9/11.


Recruit: Recruiting events scheduled:

    •  25 AUG 22 – Transfer Student Welcome Resource Fair (Ohio Union)
    •  01 SEP 22 – SOURCE and Academic Fair (OSU Newark)
    • 09 SEP 22 – Military and Veteran Fall Resource Fair (Hansford Quadrangle)
    • 13 SEP 22 – Columbus Area College Fair (ODU)
    • 27 SEP 22 – Knox County College Fair (Mount Vernon HS)
    • 28 SEP 22 – Pickaway County College Fair (Circleville HS)
    • 30 SEP 22 – Marion Area College Fair (OSU Marion)
    • 04 OCT 22 – Kiwanis College Fair (King Arts Complex)
    • 09 OCT 22 – Columbus Suburban College Fair (Otterbein)
    • 10 OCT 22 – Columbus Area College Fair (ODU)
    • 10 OCT 22 – South-Western City School District College Fair (Central Crossing HS)
    • 21 OCT 22 – Buckeye Visit Day (OSU-N) High School Senior’s
    • 18 NOV 22 – Buckeye Visit Day (OSU-N) High School Senior’s
    • 03 DEC 22 – Buckeye Visit Day (OSU-N) High School Senior’s

Retain: The Buckeye Battalion scheduled multiple retention events this upcoming semester to include the 9/11 Stair Climb, CWST, ACFT, and a Battalion sports day.

Morale: The Buckeye Battalion conducted formations prior to lab recognizing Cadet’s achievement in the program academically. This month, eighteen Cadets were presented with The Buckeye Battalion Commanders Coin for their successful completion of summer training activities and excellence.

Discipline: Currently, the battalion does not have any disciplinary actions.

Heroes of the Battlefield

Military: SSG Brenda Contreras, having recently arrived, she has seamlessly integrated into the MSI instructor role. She also serves as the C CO CEMAT and has worked tirelessly to coach and train the Cadets in her company. She developed a counseling packet standard that the other CEMATs adopted in order to promote efficiency. SSG Contreras ability to provide relevant and timely feedback improves the develop of future junior officers.

Cadet: Cadet Matthew Hamada, the Cadet BN Operations Officer, has worked tirelessly to mentor and develop subordinates and peers alike. He reconfigured the Battalion Training meeting to display relevant training and instilled systems to meet glidepath timelines. He has consistently sought ways to standardize products.

Civilian: Mr. Andy Rieman came to the program as an HRA in late spring of 2021. Since his arrival, he worked hard to validate accessions documentation for 37 Cadets while reorganizing and streamlining HRA processes for pre-contracting, post-contracting and commissioning. He also worked diligently with the University Bursar’s office to process manual payments for 120+ contracted Cadets the past three semesters due to the pause with utilizing Army Ignited.

Excited to continue the Legacy of the great Buckeye Battalion at The Ohio State University! Buckeyes Lead The Way!


LTC Michael R. Kelvington



President Johnson meets with university’s military-connected students (osu.edu)

Stair climb at Ohio Stadium commemorates sacrifice of 9/11 (osu.edu)