Frequently Asked Questions

Current Cadets

Q: What are the minimum requirements to earn a scholarship and subsequently contract with it?

A: (Scholar-Athlete-Leader) 2.5 cumulative GPA at OSU, pass the Cadet Command Fitness Assessment (CCFA) and meet HT&WT requirements, Leader Recommendation from the PMS (focused on potential).


Q: What are the minimum requirements to contract non-scholarship?

A: (Scholar-Athlete-Leader) 2.0  cumulative GPA at OSU, pass the Cadet Command Fitness Assessment (CCFA) and meet HT&WT requirements, Leader Recommendation from the PMS (focused on potential).


Q: What requirements must I complete IOT contract or request a scholarship from USACC?

A: Besides meeting the minimum requirements you must complete all relevant requirements on the Contracting Checklist.


Q: Where do I find all of the documents on the Contracting Checklist?

A: Visit the OSU Army ROTC Website ( Resources tab which will drop down to Form which drops down to individual forms numbers.


Q: What if I have an issue downloading a form or scheduling a medical appointment/police record check?

A: Go back to your first line supervisor (CEMAT) to give you a version you can download or guidance on when/where/how to scheduled medical appointments and/or police record checks.  In fact, if you do not have a vehicle available you first line supervisor will drive you to your appointment in a Government Van as a group or individually.


Q: Who is supposed to help me complete these contracting requirements?

A: Your first line supervisor for your assigned Company (CEMAT).


Q: What if my CEMAT cannot help me?  Who else can help collect all the following requirements?

A: Ms. Perry in the Human Resources Office.  If you choose not to take her expert advise you will extend the contracting/scholarship request process.


Q: When would my CEMAT or the HR Office be available to help me.

A: Anytime during the normally scheduled work week.


Q: What is the best way to meet with my CEMAT or HR Office personnel?

A: Make an appointment by emailing them or calling them at 614-292-6075.


Q: Who do I speak with if I have questions or concerns about earning a Commission as part of my degree here at OSU?

A: Mr. Sargent, the Military Science Advisor and Recruiting Operations Officer.


Q: If I earn a scholarship offer this semester when should it begin and when should I contact?

A: If you receive a scholarship offer in SPR23 you will contract when the scholarship begins in AUT23 after passing a current ACFT and meeting HT&WT requirements (Autumn Semester 2023 means no sooner then when school begins August 2023 and no later then when school ends December 2023).


Q: When is the soonest I can Contact Non-Scholarship as long as I have the minimum requirements and completed all contracting requirements?

A: You must at least be an Academic Sophomore and have complete Military Science 1101/1102 or have successfully completed Basic Training.


Q: If I am a Compression Cadet (taking MS2 requirements to include MS1 lecture only) when may I request a Scholarship and Contract?

A: Compression Cadets have the majority of the Basic Course (MS1 & MS2) complete by Spring Semester of their compressed Academic School Year.  So, the PMS may request a Scholarship for a Compression Cadet in Spring Semester which is also when it will be awarded.  The scholarship offer will begin in Autumn Semester so that is when the Cadet with contracts with their scholarship offer.


Q: Should I be worried about not earning the scholarship offer form USACC Commanding General?

A: NO! If you are meeting or exceeding the minimum requirements, are medically qualified, and legally qualified to commission you will receive an offer as long as we request early.  Once USACC is close to making their Commissioning Missions IAW the President of the United States guidance scholarship funding will get redirected to a Year Group/Mission that the Army must make next.  So in other words, you have a 99.99% chance of receiving a scholarship offer if you know what you want to be an officer and can meet the minimum requirements.


Q: Who ensures if I meet the Contracting/Scholarship Requirements in a timely manner?

A: You do! SFC Smith, SFC Dudley, and SSG Contreras (CEMATs) are here to help guide you through the process as well as Ms. Perry from the Human Resources Office.