Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Students

Q: What is ROTC?

A: ROTC is a college-based, officer commissioning program, predominantly in the United States.

Q: Am I obligated to serve in the Army if I join the ROTC program at Ohio State?

A: There is no obligation to serve in the Army unless you sign a contract. That being said, you will be required to make a decision and either sign a contract or drop the course by the end of your junior year. We have many students take the course to “get a feel for it” and then make a decision after a semester or two in the program.

Q: What is the curriculum like for ROTC?

A: It focuses on leadership development, problem-solving, strategic planning, and professional ethics. There is physical training from 0600-0700 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Additionally, there is a two-hour leadership lab Tuesday from 0700-0900.

Q: I am a high school student interested in joining ROTC, what should my next steps be?

A: The only requirement to join ROTC at Ohio State is to be currently enrolled at OSU main campus or OSU Newark. It is advised to apply for the Army ROTC Scholarship which is a tuition scholarship that can be applied for by high school juniors and seniors. The application portal can be found at

Q: I am almost done with the Army ROTC Scholarship and need to complete my PMS interview. How do I get one scheduled with OSU ROTC?

A: The best way to schedule a PMS Interview is to call 614-292-6075.

Q: I have applied and earned the Army ROTC Scholarship but did not get admitted to OSU main campus. What can I do now?

A: You can still use the scholarship you earned to attend OSU Newark, which still participates in our ROTC program. You can then transfer to OSU main campus the following year.

Q: I am an Active Duty Soldier hoping to do the Green to Gold option. What steps do I need to take to accomplish this?

A: There are multiple routes to do the Green to Gold option. The best place to start is here: What you need from our end is a PMS signature on your completed CC 104-R (contact for assistance) and a letter of acceptance from the PMS. In order to obtain the signature and PMS acceptance letter, you must email us the following documents at ERB

  • CC 174R containing CO and BN CDR Letters of Recommendation
  • OSU Letter of Acceptance for entry in Fall 2022
  • NCOER – currently showing as draft due to being reviewed by DA for final approval